Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How far do you travel?
We can travel anywhere within the continental United States and Canada

How many people does the Motorcoach hold?
Our Motor coaches are 54 to 55 passengers.

Can I bring food with me onto the Motorcoach?
Yes, you are welcome to bring food and beverages on the bus for your convenience, however, please be respectful of your motorcoach operator and those around you and keep your area clean. A Minimum of $50.00 will be charged for spills and soiling of the seats. Tears and other damages will be assessed and billed to the client. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed by those of legal drinking age. An additional alcohol deposit may be required for certain types of motorcoaches.

What is your tobacco, e-cigarettes and/or illegal drugs policy?
We DO NOT allow any form of tobacco, e-cigarettes, or illegal drugs on board our vehicles.

Is there a TV on board?
Yes, our motorcoaches are equipped with both sound and monitor/video equipment.

Is there a bathroom on board?
Yes, our motorcoaches are equipped with an onboard restroom for your convenience.

Are there charging outlets on board?
Yes, our motorcoaches are equipped with outlets, however they should only be used for phone charging.

Who is responsible for a hotel room for the motorcoach operator on multiple day trips?
If a hotel room is needed for the driver, the client is responsible for this cost. Each driver must have their own hotel room.